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edepo helps court reporting firms automate the production of transcripts and exhibits.

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edepo saves you 50% or more in production costs.

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How it works

  • edepo automates the creation of full and condensed PDF transcripts, hyperlinked exhibits, hyperlinked word indexes, and other common transcript file formats.
  • Using a web API, the edepo system takes raw source data, such as transcript files (.TXT) and related exhibits (.PDF), and automatically generates your finished product in multiple formats, without the need for manual tasks. Additionally, edepo enables the quick and easy application of an electronic signature to PDF transcripts.
  • edepo has processed thousands of depositions and its scalable, asynchronous transcript parsing, hyperlinking and generation system leads the industry.
ASCII TXT + PDF Exhibit(s) + edepo = Final PDF

How much can I save using edepo?

For firms that want to save time and money, edepo is the answer. Contact to learn more.

Meet our team.

Your success is our success. Our talented team is committed to providing enterprise-class software solutions that save our clients time and money.

Karl Seelbach


Karl is a skilled attorney and entrepreneur who has taken hundreds of depositions for numerous Fortune 500 clients since 2006. Karl manages edepo’s sales and strategic planning.

Luke Stamm


Luke created and maintains edepo’s web system architecture. Luke has over seventeen years of experience building secure software and networks to manage data acquisition and delivery.

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